Thursday, March 18, 2010

Massey High School

A small group of students from Massey High School visited Leigh and came snorkelling with Discover Goat Island guides Tony and Jenny Enderby. The group snorkelled out past Shag Rock and alongside the island where they saw snapper, red moki, hiwihiwi, sweep, eaglerays and much more. A most successful day for all.

Northcote Intermediate School

Over 8 days Discover Goat Island guides, Tony and Jenny Enderby, took around 200 students snorkelling at Tawharanui. Each day a class arrived, put up tents and did three activities: snorkelling, kayaking and beach games. Most days there was too much swell to safety snorkel off the main beach, so the students were taken to the alternative beach on the other side of the peninsula to snorkel at Jones Beach.
There were little spotties, snapper, goatfish, eagleray and piper. Many students also saw octopus, squid, live trumpet shells, live scallops, anemones, sea urchins, seaweed and other marine life.
It was noted that the students were extremely helpful towards each other and were a pleasure to take out.

Cottey College

A small group of students and 2 professors were taken snorkelling in the Goat Island Marine Reserve by experienced guides, Tony and Jenny Enderby of Discover Goat Island. The students were from Cottey College which is based in Nevada, Missouri, USA. After the snorkelling Tony and Jenny talked about the creation of the marine reserve and changes over the past 35 years there. Changes include the marine life as well as the local community and businesses in the area.
When the marine reserve was created it was thought that no-one would come to Goat Island as they weren't allowed to catch fish or collect anything. Once the fish returned and stayed, scuba divers were drawn to the reserve and gradually word filtered out and more and more visitors came. Now Goat Island is one of the major tourist places in New Zealand, especially for visitors who want to see the marine life either by diving, snorkelling or from the glass bottom boat.

Thames High School

Tony Enderby talked to students at the Goat Island Marine Reserve for approx. one hour. The creation of the marine reserve was covered, along with changes to the marine life over the past 35 years. Changes to businesses that work in the reserve, benefits to the community and benefits to marine education were all discussed. Students asked excellent questions and were very interested in the information talked about.

Silverdale School

Tony gave a talk on the history of the marine reserve at Goat Island Bay to students of Silverdale School. He talked about changes in the marine reserve since everything was protected and the marine life there. The students then took a trip on the glass bottom boat to learn and see more the marine life around the island and reserve.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stanley Bay School

Stanley Bay School visited the Goat Island Marine Reserve on Friday February 26th. Discover Goat Island guides, Tony and Jenny Enderby, took 42 students snorkelled in three groups. Each group was rotated with taking a trip on the Glass Bottom Boat and exploring and learning about the rocky shore with a marine expert.
Weather conditions were great and the water was clear and 22degC. We saw numerous snapper, piper, red moki, leatherjackets, blue maomao and parore amongst other marine life.